Assessing the evolutionary persistence of ecological relationships: a review and preview

Luke B.B. Hecht, Peter C. Thompson, Benjamin M. Rosenthal
2020 Infection, Genetics and Evolution  
Species interactions, such as pollination, parasitism and predation, form the basis of functioning ecosystems. The origins and resilience of such interactions therefore merit attention. However, fossils only occasionally document ancient interactions, and phylogenetic methods are blind to recent interactions. Is there some other way to track shared species experiences? "Comparative demography" examines when pairs of species jointly thrived or declined. By forging links between ecology,
more » ... ogy, and evolutionary biology, this method sheds light on biological adaptation, species resilience, and ecosystem health. Here, we describe how this method works, discuss examples, and suggest future directions in hopes of inspiring interest, imitators, and critics.
doi:10.1016/j.meegid.2020.104441 pmid:32622083 pmcid:PMC7327472 fatcat:fu6przuw4fcp7ooyvxqaiirpqq