Reasons for Elective Cesarean Section among Preg-nant Women in Ranya District

2021 Proceedings of the Second Scientific Conference on Women's Health   unpublished
and objectives: Caesarean Section rates are progressively increasing in most parts of the world. However, when misused, the potential harm may exceed the potential benefit of a cesarean section. This study was conducted to determine reasons associated with the selection of elective cesarean section, and to find out the relationship between causes of cesarean section and some sociodemographic characteristics. Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted from Dec17th 2017 to Apr 25th 2018 in
more » ... Ranya District, Kurdistan region. A quantitative design descriptive study was conducted on 64 women delivered abdominally at maternal and child Hospital and from outpatient clinics In Ranya District. Data regarding sociodemographic characters and reasons to conduct elective cesarean section was collected in a specially designed questionnaire . Results: There was a significant difference between Family incomes with regard to the reasons for the elective cesarean section. The study found that a majority of the women surveyed, 81.2% verbalized understanding that cesarean section was dangerous and is critical medical decision and situation; despite this, the fear and pain of normal delivery and vaginal dilatation in the future had more impact on their decision to have a cesarean section with 85.9% of the women surveyed. Conclusions: Fear and pain of normal delivery is the main reason behind many women's preference for an elective cesarean section; in addition, societal reasons such as inequality of care have changed the concept of good and normal birthing. Reduction of an elective cesarean section cannot be achieved without regulating cesarean section use for primiparous in the Private Hospitals.
doi:10.15218/whc.02.07 fatcat:7xfmkje53jg7nljjtgs3iluxcy