Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment of Clostridium perfringens on Ham and Sausage Products in Korea
햄 및 소시지류에서의 Clostridium perfringens에 대한 정량적 미생물 위해평가

Eun-Kyung Ko, Jin-San Moon, Sung-Hwan Wee, Gyung-Jin Bahk
2012 Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources  
This study was conducted for quantitative microbial risk assessment (QMRA) of Clostridium perfringens with consumption on ham and sausage products in Korea, according to Codex guidelines. Frame-work model as product-retail-consumption pathway composed with initial contamination level, the time and temperature in distributions, and consumption data sets for ham and sausage products and also used the published predictive growth and dose-response models for Cl. perfringens. The simulation model
more » ... formulas with Microsoft@ Excel spreadsheet program using these data sets was developed and simulated with @RISK. The probability of foodborne disease by Cl. perfringens with consumption of the ham and sausage products per person per day was estimated as 3.97×10 -11 ± 1.80×10 -9 . There were also noted that limitations in this study and suggestion for development of QMRA in the future in Korea.
doi:10.5851/kosfa.2012.32.1.118 fatcat:jpmcgmbegbaefadji6ikkj6nh4