Style Nodes and Repolygonization for Hierarchical Tree-Based Implicit Surface Modelling [article]

Pauline Jepp, Bruno Araujo, Joaquim Jorge, Brian Wyvill, Mario Costa Sousa
2009 Computational Aesthetics in Graphics  
In this paper we present an extension to a hierarchical tree based implicit surface modelling system that includes interactively controlling style and appearance, and also creating a more accurate curvature based polygonal approximation. Multiple styles can be layered and applied to objects so that they are guided by local geometry although not strictly bound by it. To achieve this a new node, the Style Unary Node, is added to the ShapeShop BlobTree, which creates a style blending region
more » ... d by primitive field blending. As visualization of implicit surfaces in interactive environments is often based on polygonization a more accurate curvature based polygonisation algorithm is also presented.
doi:10.2312/compaesth/compaesth09/041-048 fatcat:d6s3rkbzojbi3igvnwuaqxnxci