Crystal structure of 3-methyl 2-vinylpyridinium bromide

V Sabari, G Kalaiselvi, S Balasubramaniana
2015 Scholars Research Library Der Pharma Chemica   unpublished
Single crystals of 3-Methyl 2-Vinylpyridinium Bromide (MVPB) were grown by slow evaporation method at room temperature. Single crystal x-ray diffraction analysis reveals that MVPB crystallizes in triclinic system with space group Pī and the calculated lattice parameters are a = 7.744(4) Å, b= 7.923(5) Å, c=8.561(5) Å, α=62.483(3) o , β=66.704(3) o and γ= 74.831(3) o. The structure of MVPB shows that the pyridinium moiety is planar. The sum of the bond angles around the protonated nitrogen atom
more » ... f pyridinium ring is in accordance with sp 2 hybridization.The crystal packing of the pyridinium is through weak N-H...Br, C-H...Br and ... intermolecular interactions in addition to van der Waals forces. _____________________________________________________________________________________________