Nonreciprocal light diffraction by a lattice of magnetic vortices

O. G. Udalov, M. V. Sapozhnikov, E. A. Karashtin, B. A. Gribkov, S. A. Gusev, E. V. Skorohodov, V. V. Rogov, A. Yu. Klimov, A. A. Fraerman
2012 Physical Review B  
We report on experimental study of optical properties of two-dimensional square lattice of triangle Co and CoFe nanoparticles with a vortex magnetization distribution. We demonstrate that intensity of light scattered in diffraction maxima depends on the vorticity of the particles magnetization and it can be manipulated by applying an external magnetic field. The experimental results can be understood in terms of phenomenological theory.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.86.094416 fatcat:eqfrbl3iobci5aradbki64swmu