Shear banding and rheochaos in associative polymer networks

J. Sprakel, E. Spruijt, M. A. Cohen Stuart, N. A. M. Besseling, M. P. Lettinga, J. van der Gucht
2008 Soft Matter  
We present experimental evidence of an instability in the shear flow of transient networks formed by telechelic associative polymers. Velocimetry experiments show the formation of shear bands, following a complex pattern upon increasing the overall shear rate. The chaotic nature of the stress response in transient flow is indicative of spatiotemporal fluctuations of the banded structure. This is supported by time-resolved velocimetry measurements.
doi:10.1039/b803085e pmid:32907163 fatcat:6lvoqak2hjhrxcybel2e77ot4m