Experimental model for measuring and characterisation of the dento-alveolar system using high frequencies ultrasound techniques

Radu Chifor, Chifor Radu, Mindra Eugenia Badea, Badea Mîndra Eugenia, Mihaela Hedesiu, Hedeşiu Mihaela, Andrea Serbanescu, Serbănescu Andrea, Alexandru Florin Badea, Badea Alexandru Florin
2010 Medical ultrasonography  
The main objective of the study was the realisation of an experimental model and evaluation to establish whether the high frequency ultrasound method can supply credible information concerning the structure of the periodontal tissues. We used a 20 MHz, 2D transducer of Dermascan C (CORTEX TECHNOLOGY l) device for examining 20 teeth on 4 healthy pig mandibles. The examination was made in the lateral area of alveolar bones at the lingual surface. On the images obtained through this type of
more » ... this type of ultrasonography we identified the cortical bone, tooth crown, tooth root and fixed mucosa. On the images obtained with Dermascan C ver. 3.0 software, very accurate measurements of periodontal space width (mean= 0.45 mm, Std. Dev=0.078) and thickness of cortical bone (mean= 0.31 mm, Std. Dev=0.134) and fixed mucosa (mean= 0.91 mm, Std. Dev=0.176) were made. Considering the non-invasive nature of the ultrasound method for patients and for medical staff during examination, but also considering the advantages generated by the possibility of making exact measurements of different areas, this method could become a reliable alternative for X-ray examinations in patients with periodontal disease. If a miniaturized transducer would be available, it could be used for ultrasound periodontal assessment in humans.
pmid:21173940 fatcat:35vrpa7d3jdf7h5ezzmbrlhqqa