Compact location encodings for scalable Internet routing

Feng Wang, Lixin Gao, Xiaozhe Shao, Hiroaki Harai, Kenji Fujikawa
2015 2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM)  
The Internet is facing the double-challenge of accelerating growth of routing table size and ever higher reliability requirements. Considerable progress has been made toward the scalability and reliability of the Internet. However, most of the proposals are only partial solutions that address some of the challenges. In this paper, we present a new addressing encoding scheme and a corresponding forwarding mechanism for Internet routing to solve the aforementioned problems. Underlying our design
more » ... s a succinct data structure that allows us to compactly embed a set of addresses into packet headers. At the same time, the structure allows the data plane to efficiently extract multiple address information for the same destination without decompression. We provide time and space complexity analysis, and present experimental results evaluating the performance of our encoding method. It shows that the proposed encoding method can achieve a good compression factor without degrading packet-forwarding performance.
doi:10.1109/infocom.2015.7218435 dblp:conf/infocom/WangGSHF15 fatcat:7lhexbp7kfb4jnhsmot6fajuxy