Comment on the Relation of "Andante" to "Andantino"

1871 The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular  
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more » ... d somewhat slower than Andante." I think I have written 3nough to show that Mr. Sutherland has good authority for ;; falling into the usual error," although as Inany composers have fallen into the opposite one, he 6hould have called attention to this in a foobnote. I am, Sir, AN AMATEU1D OF THIRTY YEA}RS STANDID;G. [We have omitted that portion of the above letter which refers to the metronomic signs used by Mr. Henry Srnart in iliS Cantata, 4'King Rene's Daughter," because mTe do not dispute that " Alldante " is oftetl coupled with other Italian words which qualify it: but what does it Ineall when it stand3 alone, and without a metronomic mark ?-E1). llezstcat nsles.] ; TO CORBESPONDENTH. **W Notices of coNcerts, and other infortnation supplied by our friends in the cot4ntry, must be forwarded as early as possible after the occurrence; otherwise they cannot be inserted. Our correspondents must speciflcally denote the date of each concert. for wstho7xt such date no notice can be taken of the performancey We beg to remind our correspondents that all notices of country soncerts, uXhether written or extracted from newspapers, must be accompanied by the name and address of the person who sends them. Our correspondents will greatly oblipe by writing all names as clearly as possible, as we cannot be responsible for any mistakes that may occbr. We cannotundertake to return offered contributions; the authors therefore, will do well to retain copies. Notice is sent to all Subscribers whose payment (in advanceJ i8 exhausted. The paper will be discontinued where the Subscription is not renewed. We apain remind those who are dtsappointed in obtaining back n¢mbers that, althouph the music papes are always stersotyped, only a sufficient quantity of the rest of the paper z8 printed to supply the cl4rrent sale. From the immense number of letters received on the subject of " 07 ya7zists salaries," we have only been enabled to yive insertion« to two. T1lis .selection has not been made without due consider-atiow^-and although the inencorable demancls upon oztr space znill always compel us to keep 01fr eorre.spondence coluvmns qvit1rin reaso7lable limits, we ?7zay hint as a ywwide to those quho favo?^ qzs sith cow7lmqanications qzpo71 points of . ontro1Xersy, that those qvhich a?-e temperately worded will always stand the ge-eatest chance of attentton. 93rtef hummarp tt CountrS fflLebX, J --r' 7-2-s ---------o______ ______
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