Parametric Analysis of Seismic Behavior of Two-Dimensional Triangular Shaped Hills in Time Domain

Hassan Khosravi
It is clear that two-dimensional site effects have a significant impact on the seismic behavior of topographic features and distribution of earthquake damage. Numerous studies were carried out by different methods and mainly by finite element method on different shapes of surface feature (topography), However no comprehensive research has not yet been performed on triangular hills. In this research hybrid (FE-BE) method (hybrid finite-element (FE) and boundary-element (BE) method as the main
more » ... thod as the main tool for parametric analysis of two-dimensional triangular shaped hills response against P and SV waves is used, by considering the more sensitivity of results to geometric characteristics of the problem in the case of surface features (topography), parametric analysis is concentrated on changing the geometric characteristics. One of the significant findings of these parametric analyses was observing and determining the 2D characteristic frequency (period) in various combinations of parametric analyses that in which frequencies of all points on the triangular shaped hill have the amplification factor that is greater than one (maximum in the crest of hill) and all the points on the feature have the in phase movement. One of the achievements of this research is finding the relationship between the maximum of average amplification factor resulted from 2D analyses to 1D analyses with respect to shape factor and this purpose is obtained.