Webinos Deliverable D2.4: Updates On Scenarios And Use Cases

Webinos Consortium
2012 Zenodo  
Deliverable D2.4 describes an updated set of user stories and use cases as input for the subsequent work packages. The goal of this deliverable is to define the scope of the webinos project; this allows readers to get an idea about what type of applications can be created using webinos. The deliverable also contains use cases giving an overview about what really is part of the webinos platform; this allows developers to better understand the benefits they can get out of webinos. The scenarios
more » ... d use cases described in this document also cover the mobile, PC, automotive and home media domains. As the webinos platform is now openly available to 3rd parties, it becomes more and more important to start capturing developer mindshare. Therefor the deliverable also describe the current status of the planning of webinos cross-screen competitions that will be targeted during 2012. Updating, refining, and potentially creating new scenarios and use cases is based on the experiences and knowledge the consortium obtained during the first half of the project. With this in mind, scenarios were updated based on design and scope decisions made in the first year and a half. This also includes the creation of new scenarios to better address certain issues which were either not covered at all, or were not clearly described in the first set of scenarios. The same is also true for the use cases. Several use cases were updated or removed, while other use cases were added or completely refocused. This deliverable also contains the outcome of collaboration activities by describing how the different selected projects could benefit from each other. To improve traceability between scenarios, use cases, and requirements and to better understand the context of people, involved in scenarios, the personas developed in D2.7 were added to the scenarios. The original scenarios and use case categories were also modified to match the functional areas identified in the requirements deliverable (D2.2). The use cases provide an input to the updat [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1154305 fatcat:cjy34zqagnd67nijpw5ncsbowq