Justification of pedagogical conditions of formation of intercultural competence of future educators in the process of learning in colleges

2021 Humanities science current issues  
Коврей Д. Обґрунтування педагогічних умов формування міжкультурної компетентності майбутніх вихователів... process of formation of intercultural competence of future educators. The range of pedagogical conditions that will have a decisive impact on the quality of formation of future educators of intercultural competence includes: activation of the motivational and value component of educational activities; development of practice-oriented tasks for independent work; involvement of students in
more » ... tive educational and game activities; formation of productive intercultural experience during practical training. The article substantiates the importance of each pedagogical condition. Purposeful implementation of the outlined range of pedagogical conditions will ensure the formation of the valuemotivational sphere of future educators on the importance of intercultural competence. Pedagogical conditions will have a positive impact on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge for intercultural communication and the development of practical skills to verify the results of the communicative act with people who differ in cultural ideas. As the experiment showed, the chosen pedagogical conditions have a positive effect on the improvement of reflexive skills of adequate perception of the communicative situation in the preschool institution.
doi:10.24919/2308-4863/43-2-29 fatcat:n7cc32cbpbfrfmyfzlujengwtm