Prediction of Noise Transmission Loss and Acoustic Comfort Assessment of a Ventilated Window using Statistical Energy Analysis

2019 International Journal of Engineering  
In this paper, a novel analytical method was developed based on statistical energy analysis framework to evaluate sound transmission loss through ventilated windows. The proposed method was compared to numerical and analytical models available in the literature. Results showed the success and advantage of the proposed model in predicting the acoustic performance of the ventilated window and the proposed method proved itself as a low-cost and high-accurate method. Considering the slit-like
more » ... of the inlet and outlet of the ventilated window and channel attenuation is the distinct feature of the proposed method compared to the existing analytical models. This paper also discussed the effectiveness of the ventilated window in the provision of indoor acoustic comfort according to the different types of the outdoor traffic noise spectra and sound transmission loss. The results showed the acceptance of the indoor noise level made by the ventilated window. To recognize how the effective factors improve the acoustic performance of the ventilated window, the effect of window aspect ratio, channel thickness and opening size on Sound Transmission Class (STC) were studied. The results revealed that the ventilated window with higher aspect ratio and wider airflow channel has a higher STC while widening the opening size reduces the sound insulation.
doi:10.5829/ije.2019.32.03c.14 fatcat:qcq3ars3tfh75o22mwrsbrihvy