Validity and Test-Retest Reliability of a Novel Push Low-Cost Hand-Held Dynamometer for Knee Strength Assessment during Different Force Ranges

Maria de Cássia Macedo, Matheus Almeida Souza, Kariny Realino Ferreira, Laura Oliveira Campos, Igor Sérgio Oliveira Souza, Michelle Almeida Barbosa, Ciro José Brito, Leonardo Intelangelo, Alexandre Carvalho Barbosa
2022 Diagnostics  
The objective was to assess the instrumental validity and the test–retest reliability of a low-cost hand-held push dynamometer adapted from a load-cell based hanging scale (tHHD) to collect compressive forces in different ranges of compressive forces. Three independent raters applied 50 pre-established compressions each on the tHHD centered on a force platform in three distinct ranges: ~70 N, ~160 N, ~250 N. Knee isometric strength was also assessed on 19 subjects in two sessions (48 h apart)
more » ... ing the tHHD anchored by an inelastic adjustable strap. Knee extension and flexion were assessed with the participant seated on a chair with the feet resting on the floor, knees, and hips flexed at 90°. The isometric force peaks were recorded and compared. The ICC and the Cronbach's α showed excellent consistency and agreement for both instrumental validity and test–retest reliability (range: 0.89–0.99), as the correlation and determination coefficients (range: 0.80–0.99). The SEM and the MDC analysis returned adequate low values with a coefficient of variation less than 5%. The Bland–Altman results showed consistency and high levels of agreement. The tHHD is a valid method to assess the knee isometric strength, showing portability, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly interface to provide an effective form to assess the knee isometric strength.
doi:10.3390/diagnostics12010186 pmid:35054353 pmcid:PMC8774426 fatcat:uxnq2qkt5fbdvnljrmzxe6jug4