Burst Structure of Jupiter's Decametric Radiation

Edward E. Baart, Colin H. Barrow, Richard T. Lee
1966 Astronomical Journal  
The nearby Cepheids and those in the Small Magellanic Cloud have very different light amplitude-period relations. TV Camelopardalis is a distant galactic short-period Cepheid of large light amplitude that seems to be like those in the SMC. Since its spectrum has weak lines, it was previously suggested that its composition may be low in metals and that the composition, in some unspecified way, causes unusual light and color amplitudes. The present analysis shows that the metallic abundance is
more » ... mal to within a factor of about 2, and that the cause of the weak lines is a low turbulent velocity.
doi:10.1086/109933 fatcat:kuxnui4t5jhr7o722pi3nuuo54