Enzymatic Methods for the Manipulation and Valorization of Soapstock from Vegetable Oil Refining Processes

Beatrice Casali, Elisabetta Brenna, Fabio Parmeggiani, Davide Tessaro, Francesca Tentori
2021 Sustainable Chemistry  
The review will discuss the methods that have been optimized so far for the enzymatic hydrolysis of soapstock into enriched mixtures of free fatty acids, in order to offer a sustainable alternative to the procedure which is currently employed at the industrial level for converting soapstock into the by-product known as acid oil (or olein, i.e., free fatty acids removed from raw vegetable oil, dissolved in residual triglycerides). The further biocatalyzed manipulation of soapstock or of the
more » ... sponding acid oil for the production of biodiesel and fine chemicals (surfactants, plasticizers, and additives) will be described, with specific attention given to processes performed in continuous flow mode. The valorization of soapstock as carbon source in industrial lipase production will be also considered.
doi:10.3390/suschem2010006 fatcat:hkmvye6kmnb33a2prllzjlfmdu