Thread Migration and Communication Minimization in DSM Systems [report]

Kritchalach Thitikamol, Pete Keleher
1998 unpublished
Networks of workstations are characterized by dynamic resource capacities. Such environments can only be efficiently exploited by applications that are dynamically re-configurable. This paper explores mechanisms and policies that enable online reconfiguration of shared-memory applications through thread migration. We describe the design and preliminary performance of a DSM system that performs online re-mappings of threads to nodes based on sharing behavior. Our system obtains complete sharing
more » ... s complete sharing information through a novel correlation-tracking phase that avoids the thread thrashing that characterizes previous approaches. This information is used to evaluate the communication required by a given thread mapping, and to predict the resulting performance.
doi:10.21236/ada377024 fatcat:bwgstrudejbi5ideq7wepvokcy