Decision letter: An asymmetric sheath controls flagellar supercoiling and motility in the leptospira spirochete [peer_review]

Edward H Egelman, Matthias Wolf, Chi Aizawa, Edward H Egelman, John Kuriyan
2019 unpublished
Spirochete bacteria, including important pathogens, exhibit a distinctive means of swimming via undulations of the entire cell. Motility is powered by the rotation of supercoiled 'endoflagella' that wrap around the cell body, confined within the periplasmic space. To investigate the structural basis of flagellar supercoiling, which is critical for motility, we determined the structure of native flagellar filaments from the spirochete Leptospira by integrating high-resolution cryo-electron
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doi:10.7554/elife.53672.sa1 fatcat:p3y6wywu45girbdqmcpggmu56a