Maxim Krasnyuk, Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economics University, Svitlana Goncharenko, Svitlana Krasniuk, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
Oil and gas companies in order to maintain their efficiency in the conditions of: liberalization of markets, globalization, increased competition, reduction of consumer loyalty, constant variation in oil and gas prices, further development of Industry 4.0 and the Big Data factor, growing costs for drilling and completion – must have a flexible environment of information technologies that enables seamless and efficient sharing of knowledge throughout the company and along the entire value chain.
more » ... One of the elements of this task is the effective use of hybrid knowledge-oriented decision support systems (DSS). This, in particular, determines the future stage of complex author's research – the development of a complex perforating knowledge management policy of an oil and gas company, the key tool for the implementation of which will be the hybrid, knowledge-oriented DSS considered in this publication.The form of knowledge representation has a significant impact on the characteristics and properties of a knowledge-oriented system. Therefore, based on the specifics of the exploration and development of oil and gas fields and the main advantages of the rule-oriented model of the DSS knowledge base, it is possible to conclude that it is necessary to use the KB rule-oriented basis for the DSS of an oil and gas production company. The rule-oriented subsystem is the main one in the knowledge-oriented DSS of an oil and gas production company, in fact, other subsystems provide it with analyses, assessments, and knowledge. Namely, the final product of the system: recommendations for making management decisions is carried out by a rule-oriented subsystem. In general, scientifically based conclusions were obtained regarding the knowledge-oriented architecture of the intellectual DSS of an oil and gas company, the basic model of knowledge presentation (production), the features of the mechanism of logical conclusion (direct logical conclusion), the conflict resolution procedure (a method of ordering products), etc. In the oil and gas industry, DSS built according to a hybrid approach have the greatest application potential – which are a powerful tool for solving complex specific problems of an oil and gas company. Therefore, in this work, the principles of hybrid application of intelligent technologies and the knowledge-oriented basis of DSS of an oil and gas company were further developed.
doi:10.36059/978-966-397-255-8-11 fatcat:22ipfxhqg5estaz46ik66ki3eq