Tightly Secure Non-Interactive Multisignatures in the Plain Public Key Model

Haifeng Qian, Xiangxue Li, Xinli Huang
2012 Informatica  
Multisignature scheme allows a group of signers to generate a compact signature on a common document that certifies they endorsed the message. However, the existing state of the art multisignatures often suffers from the following problems: impractical key setup assumptions, loose security reductions and inefficient signature verification. In this paper, we propose a noninteractive multisignature scheme with tight security reduction in the random oracle model. Our proposed multisignatures
more » ... s the above three problems by achieving: provable security in the plain public key model; tight security reduction under the standard Computational Diffie-Hellman (CDH) assumption and O(1) computational time for signature verification through precomputation. Hence, our non-interactive multisignatures are of great use in routing authentication of networks.
doi:10.15388/informatica.2012.369 fatcat:txnx7piqizbjxmdxklxzjwas6i