Isolation and Identification of Palmitone from the. Leaves of Lauraceae Plants (Cinnαmomum cαmphorα Sieb., Neolitseα serzceα Koidz., Linderα umbellαtα Thunb.)

N. Hayashi, H. Komae
1971 Zenodo  
Few studies have been published on the isolation of symmetrical aliphatic ketones from the plant waxes. Channon and coworkers1 ' 2 first reported the existence of two symmetrical ketones (palmitone and di-\(n\)-tetradecyl ketone) in the waxes of cabbage. leaf cytoplasm. Recontly, Wakayama3 reported the presence of palmitone and its alcohol (16-hentriacontanol) in the flower of lily of the valley.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6451110 fatcat:2c6iq4ztgrghferhbi47cvyd3q