Pesticide Efficacy Against CRM, 1988

J. L. Knapp, H. A. Anderson, T. W. Appelboom
1989 Arthropod Management Tests  
Treatments were replicated 4 times on 6 x 6 (36-tree) or 4 x 13 (52-tree) plots. Two 6 x 6 plots were left untreated in each variety. Sprays were applied with an FMC 4000 CP airblast sprayer at a rate of 500 gal/acre. Twenty-five fruit were examined from the canopy of 4 randomly selected trees in each plot and from 8 trees within each control plot, for a total of 16 trees/treatment/variety. A 1-cm2 area was examined on each of 2 shaded sides/fruit. The combined 2-cm2 count/fruit of living
more » ... CRM was recorded as one observation. Two 4 x 4 (16-tree) plots in each variety were sprayed with an FMC 4000 CP airblast sprayer using 0.7% 455 spray oil + 6 pt Ethion to evaluate phytotoxic effects as measured by leaf drop counts. Four central trees in each plot were raked clean under the canopy and around the skirt. At weekly intervals fallen leaves were counted and then the area was raked clean again. Eight trees in the unsprayed plots of each variety were counted as controls.
doi:10.1093/iat/14.1.78 fatcat:n4up44ronjb5dnazy7h3oplik4