W- and Z-boson interactions in supersymmetric models with explicit R-parity violation

Marek Nowakowski, Apostolos Pilaftsis
1996 Nuclear Physics B  
The minimal supersymmetric Standard Model with explicit R-parity nonconservation contains bilinear terms involving the left-handed lepton superfields and the Higgs chiral multiplet with hypercharge Y=+1, which cannot in general be rotated away in the presence of soft-supersymmetry- breaking interactions. These bilinear lepton-number-violating terms are found to give rise to non-zero vacuum expectation values of the scalar neutrinos. This leads to nonuniversal and flavour-violating tree-level
more » ... ating tree-level couplings of the W and Z bosons to charged leptons and neutrinos. The parameter space of this novel scenario is systematically analyzed and further restricted by a number of laboratory, astrophysical, and cosmological constraints. The possibility that our minimal model can account for the KARMEN anomaly is examined.
doi:10.1016/0550-3213(95)00594-3 fatcat:c52ckdq2ebfbbb33fm2sxht7ue