Review on Solar Powered Desiccant Wheel Cooling System

Khushboo Singh
2017 SAMRIDDHI A Journal of Physical Sciences Engineering and Technology  
Nowadays, there is still a big amount of needs in air conditioning system with environmental change and improvement of living standards. However, air conditioning system have already accounted for a large part of energy consumption in the whole society, and then how to effectively increase the energy utilization. Desiccant wheel cooling system operate on the principle of adsorption dehumidification and evaporate cooling. The system adopts natural substance as working fluid and can be driven by
more » ... d can be driven by low grade thermal energy such as solar energy. Due to this merit, solar powered desiccant wheel cooling system has recognized as one of good alternative to conventional vapor compression air conditioning system and has obtained increasing interest in the past years. This review paper aims to summarize recent research development related to solar powered desiccant wheel cooling system and to provide information for potential application. The cooling potential of the system is based on the performance of the desiccant wheel that removes humidity from outside air to increase the potential of the humidifier.
doi:10.18090/samriddhi.v9i01.8335 fatcat:3tmgzjl6mnglbbzz462jtqrlf4