A case of improvement of abdominal angina by spinal cord stimulation

Atsushi ITO, Akio MASUDA, Hiroto YAMAMOTO, Kazuaki YOKOYAMA, Tokujiro UCHIDA
Journal of Japan Society of Pain Clinicians  
Abdominal angina is a postprandial abdominal pain that is often dif cult to control. The conventional therapy for its treatment is pharmacotherapy or revascularization by surgery. However, these are not often effective. Spinal cord stimulation therapy (SCS) is effective for pain control of ischemic limbs, such as Buerger's disease. The authors report a case of a patient with severe abdominal angina whose abdominal symptoms were improved by implantation of an SCS. SCS may be an effective
more » ... t for ischemic pain caused by peripheral blood ow disorders not only in the extremities but also in the torso of a patient.
doi:10.11321/jjspc.20-0001 fatcat:gl6vdzzi2rasrmgilpysgkq4im