Prediction of sensitivity of esophageal tumors to adjuvant chemotherapy by cDNA microarray analysis of gene-expression profiles

C Kihara, T Tsunoda, T Tanaka, H Yamana, Y Furukawa, K Ono, O Kitahara, H Zembutsu, R Yanagawa, K Hirata, T Takagi, Y Nakamura
2001 Cancer Research  
We applied cDNA microarray analyses of 9216 genes to establish a genetic method for predicting the outcome of adjuvant chemotherapy to esophageal cancers. We analyzed expression profiles of 20 esophageal cancer tissues from patients who were treated with the same adjuvant chemotherapy after removal of tumor by operation, and we attempted to find genes associated with the duration of survival after surgery. By comparing expression profiles of those cancer tissues, we identified by statistical
more » ... lysis 52 genes that were likely to be correlated with prognosis and possibly with sensitivity/resistance to the anticancer drugs. We also developed a drug response score based on the differential expression of these genes, and we found a significant correlation between the drug response score and individual patients' prognoses. Our results indicated that this scoring system, based on microarray analysis of selected genes, is likely to have great potential for predicting the prognosis of individual cancer patients with the adjuvant chemotherapy.
pmid:11522643 fatcat:s2i2gvokz5hgzgvbyjox4r577i