Utilization of Rice Husk for Production of Multifunctional Liquid Smoke

R. Risfaheri, Indonesian Center for Agricultural Postharvest Research and Development, Bogor, Indonesia, H. Hoerudin, M. Syakir
2018 Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technologies  
Rice husk is an abundant and underutilized byproduct of rice milling industries, especially in main rice producing countries like Indonesia. The current challenge is how to contribute value addition to the rice milling industries by maximizing utilization of the unwanted rice husk. Recently, there has been a growing interest in utilizing rice husk for production of multifunctional liquid smoke. However, limited studies have been done on this aspect. Previous published reviews are mostly focused
more » ... are mostly focused on development of liquid smoke from different wood varieties/types or palm oil waste. The main objective of this review is to provide a comprehensive review and further research direction regarding potential development and applications of liquid smoke from rice husk based on the limited and scattered information currently available. This review covers production technology, characteristics, functional properties and potential applications of rice husk liquid smoke. The cited findings showed that there are are at least four pyrolysis techniques that can be used for production of rice husk liquid smoke. In addition, there are several factors that may influence the qulaity of the final product. These include modes of pyrolysis (temperature, heating rate, residence time), biomass composition, and storage condition and period. Each technique and factor can be adjusted and exploited to extract and produce valueadded liquid smoke by thermal processing. Rice husk liquid smoke has multifunctional properties, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antidiabetic. Composition of major constituents in rice husk liquid smoke determines the magnitude of its functional properties and potential applications. Based on its functional properties, rice husk liquid smoke has a great potential for food and agriculture applications, such as food flavorings, food preservatives, biopesticides, and plant growth regulator. This review will be valuable for both industries and communities. Utilization of rice husk for production liquid smoke will not only benefit rice milling industries and farmers, but also the environtment. 
doi:10.18178/joaat.5.3.192-197 fatcat:gtnkplmafngarli5eqfzqvyjuu