Generación de hipertermia magnética empleando campos magnéticos alternos aplicados en ferrofluídos, para aplicaciones biomédicas [thesis]

Alejandra Mina Rosales
LBN-CTB-UPM ii Resumen de la tesis de ALEJANDRA MINA ROSALES, presentada como requisito parcial para la obtención del grado de DOCTOR en INGENIERÍA BIOMÉDICA. Madrid, España. Septiembre de 2017. GENERACIÓN DE HIPERTERMIA MAGNÉTICA EMPLEANDO CAMPOS MAGNÉTICOS ALTERNOS APLICADOS EN FERROFLUÍDOS, PARA APLICACIONES BIOMÉDICAS Descriptores -Nanopartículas magnéticas, campos magnéticos alternos, hipertermia magnética alterna, ferrofluidos, señal de excitación. LBN-CTB-UPM iv Abstract of the thesis
more » ... ct of the thesis presented by Alejandra Mina Rosales, as a partial requirement to obtain the DOCTOR degree in BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING. This work is the result of the design, development and implementation of the characterization in magnetic hyperthermia section that emerges as part of the proposal within the Center for Biomedical Technology (CTB), which is part of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) to enable the characterization platform of micro and nanoparticles. The goal is to study the physical phenomena that occur when a ferrofluid is exposed to an alternating magnetic field, focusing on possible applications such as the treatment for the removal of cancerous tissue, drug release, etc., all with the intention of proposing a new study technique that depends on the excitation configurations.
doi:10.20868/upm.thesis.47968 fatcat:7bkc7wsx75fhlaa4jhk6rax4xe