Performance of the Vacuum System for the Solaris 1.5 GeV Electron Storage Ring

Andrzej Marendziak, Carlo Bocchetta, Pawel Borowiec, Paweł Bulira, Lukasz Dudek, Piotr Goryl, Krzysztof Karaś, Arkadiusz Kisiel, Wojciech Kitka, Maciej Kopec, Marek Madura, Robert Nietubyć (+14 others)
Solaris is a third generation light source recently constructed at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. The machine was designed by the team at the MAX IV Laboratory. A replica of the 1.5 GeV MAX IV storage ring with a 96 m circumference was successfully built at Solaris and now the facility is in its 3rd phase of commissioning. The average pressure in the storage ring was 1.2·10⁻¹⁰ mbar before beam commissioning and increases to 1.2·10-8 mbar with 511 mA of stored beam current for
more » ... beam current for electron energy of 524 MeV. With 10 A·h accumulated beam dose, beam cleaning has permitted an average pressure of 3·10-10 mbar/mA. In this paper the result of vacuum performance from beam cleaning and the beam lifetime will be presented. Moreover vacuum maintenance procedures will be reported.
doi:10.18429/jacow-ipac2016-wepow031 fatcat:yifijyua3zeibgxetzgphbeepu