Get2School : An android application to track school location

Mr Upendra Mishra, Rashi Gupta, Shubham Singh, Subhanshu Varshney, Swati Yadav
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology (IRJET)   unpublished
Proposed paper presents design of such monitoring system for emergency of people. Navigators have always been a necessity of human life.. The developments of advanced electronics have brought revolutionary changes in these fields. In this paper, we will present a school locating application that employs a GPS module to find the location of a school in a particular location. Initially the GPS takes input data from the satellite and stores the latitude and longitude values in AT89s52
more » ... T89s52 microcontroller's buffer. If we have to locate the school, we need to provide the location and circumference (in km) as the input. A webpage is specifically designed to view the school's location on Google maps. By using the concept introduced in this paper, we can locate hospitals, ATM, medicals, hostels etc. in the same fashion.