Standardization of Arka Kalpana- A Review

Swaranjali R. Kaswa
2020 Ayurlog: national journal of research in ayurveda science  
India have a rich heritage of traditional medicinal system from centuries. Ayurveda is a boon for us given by this rich cultured heritage. We use various forms of medicine either traditional ayurvedic formulations (Panchavidhakashay kalpana, asava , arishta, pottali kalpana etc) or modern formulations (syrups, capsules, soft gel capsules, drop formulations etc) in day to day practice. Some formulations explained in Ayurvedic texts lag behind either due to lack of appropriate study or these
more » ... study or these formulations are not used widely. One of such formulation is Arka kalpana. 'Arka kalpana' is explained in details by author Ravana in the text 'Arkaprakash'. Here it will be explored in details and its standardization techniques will be elaborated . Drug standardization means to confirm its identity, quality and purity throughout all phases like drug collection, processing, storage, distribution etc. Standardization of Arka kalpana can be done in three stages – Raw material standaridization, process standardization and finished product standardization. The outcome of Standardization of Arka kalpana is that a quality, potent, effective formulation of medicine will be available in market with better patient compliance which is need of the hour.
doi:10.52482/ayurlog.v8i06.742 fatcat:ytzv3hey3ngvzcdhyznwjp3pja