Somatomedin activity and diabetic control in children with insulin-dependent diabetes

R. J. Winter, L. S. Phillips, M. N. Klein, H. S. Traisman, O. C. Green
1979 Diabetes  
To test the hypothesis that somatomedin activity is influenced by diabetes and its metabolic regulation, the relationship between somatomedin activity and diabetic control as assessed by hemoglobin A 1C was investigated in 40 children with insulin-dependent diabetes. An inverse correlation between hemoglobin A 1c and serum somatomedin activity was statistically significant. The data suggest that abnormalities of linear growth, which can occur in children with poorly controlled diabetes, may
more » ... d diabetes, may involve abnormalities in net somatomedin activity. DIABETES 28:952-954, October 1979. G rowth impairment may complicate diabetes in children, 1 " 3 particularly when metabolic control is poor, 2 -4 but the mechanism of growth retardation is obscure. There is evidence that hormonal/nutritional contributions to growth are mediated in part by the stimulation of growth cartilage by somatomedins, 5 ' 6 and our recent studies support a major role for insulin in the regulation of circulating somatomedin activity. Rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes have decreased somatomedin activity and poor growth, 7 -8 with an inverse correlation between somatomedin activity and indices of diabetic control. 8 Previous reports differ as to whether or not somatomedin activity is related to diabetic control in humans, 9 " 12 possibly due in part to lack of suitable markers of chronic metabolic control. Because measurements of hemoglobin A 1c (HbA 1c ) appear to provide an improved index of long-term glucose control, 13 -14 in these studies we compared levels of somatomedin activity with HbA 1c in children with insulin-dependent diabetes (IDD).
doi:10.2337/diabetes.28.10.952 fatcat:elftyfujfjcvtjg662kcpi4hoa