Moaning and Eye Contact: College Men'sNegotiations of Sexual Consent in Theory and in Practice

Nicole Bedera
Recently, campus sexual assault has received widespread attention with renewed efforts to include men in violence prevention efforts. Specifically, many campuses have adopted affirmative consent policies that place more responsibility on men to take a proactive approach to rape prevention. This study uses data from 25 semi-structured interviews to explore how undergraduate men make sense of sexual consent after the enactment of these policies. Respondents answered questions about their sexual
more » ... periences with long-term relationships and hookups, as well as their attitudes toward campus sexual consent policies. Findings indicate that while respondents understand and condone key elements of sexual consent, they do not consistently apply reliable strategies to ensure that their sexual interactions are consensual. While these findings may appear contradictory, analysis of the men's attitudes and behaviors using theories of hegemonic masculinity reveals that advocating for consent and enacting sexual aggression are a coherent way for young men to appear sexually desirable.
doi:10.17605/ fatcat:5dbwt3dzinexjeec6q2bwjgkwi