Physiological chemistry

1899 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
Absorption of Proteids. By LAFAYETTE B. MENDEL (Arnep. J. Physiol., 1899,2, 137--141).-By feeding dogs on moderate quantities of a soluble proteid (Witte's peptone), the old view, namely, that proteid is chiefly absorbed by the capillaries of t h e villi is confirmed. Asher and Barbera's work, which advanced the view that lymph is due to increased glandular activity and acts as an important channel for proteid absorption, is criticised. The Basic and Acid Capacity of the Blood and of Proteids.
more » ... d and of Proteids. By KARL SPIRO and WILHELM PEMSEL (Zeit physiol. Chem., 1898, 26, 235--271).-!I!he observations, made principally on the blood and serum of the horse, show that these fluids have different acid and basic capacities. By different methods, three values for the alkalinity of the blood were obtained ; one corresponds with numbers given by Lowy, and represents the alkalinity of the carbonates and phosphates of the serum (diffusible alkali). The second value is higher, and represents the additional alkalinity due to proteids which unite with alkali (Jaquet's sub-acid substances) ; this disappears when the proteids are 6 salted out ' with ammonium sulphate. The third value takes into Some authors have stated that copper and zinc salts are favourable to haemoglobin formation, but the present experiments on rats do not confirm this, the amount of hzmoglobin and of red corpuscles being practically the same as in control animals. By D. LAWROFF (Zeit. physiol. Chem., 1898, 2G, 343-349).-Horse7s oxyhaemoglobin yields 94.09 of proteid, 4.47 of haematin, and 1.44 per cent. of other substances; these numbers are rather different from those of Schulz (Zeit. physiol. Chern., 24, 449), who gives proteid, 86.5 ; haematin, 4.2, and other constituents, 9.2 per cent. The proteid material, globin, is regarded as one szci generis; the other materials have not yet been fully investigated, but they yield fatty acids and ammonia.
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