Design of an Error-Based Adaptive Controller for a Flexible Robot Arm Using Dynamic Pole Motion Approach

Ki-Young Song, Madan M. Gupta, Noriyasu Homma
2011 Journal of Robotics  
Design of an adaptive controller for complex dynamic systems is a big challenge faced by the researchers. In this paper, we introduce a novel concept ofdynamic pole motion(DPM) for the design of an error-based adaptive controller (E-BAC). The purpose of this novel design approach is to make the system response reasonably fast with no overshoot, where the system may be time varying and nonlinear with only partially known dynamics. The E-BAC is implanted in a system as a nonlinear controller with
more » ... ear controller with two dominant dynamic parameters: the dynamic position feedback and the dynamic velocity feedback. For illustrating the strength of this new approach, in this paper we give an example of a flexible robot with nonlinear dynamics. In the design of this feedback adaptive controller, parameters of the controller are designed as a function of the system error. The position feedbackKp(e,t)and the velocity feedbackKv(e,t)are continuously varying and formulated as a function of the system errore(t). This approach for formulating the adaptive controller yields a very fast response with no overshoot.
doi:10.1155/2011/726807 fatcat:5ffjdqtzjjc4lj53nlo2rqrthq