High-Resolution Physical and Genetic Mapping of the Critical Region for Meckel Syndrome and Mulibrey Nanism on Chromosome 17q22–q23

Paulina Paavola, Kristiina Avela, Nina Horelli-Kuitunen, Maarit Bärlund, Anne Kallioniemi, Niina Idänheimo, Mira Kyttälä, Albert de la Chapelle, Aarno Palotie, Anna-Elina Lehesjoki, Leena Peltonen
1999 Genome Research  
Previously, we assigned the genes for two autosomal recessive disorders, Meckel syndrome (MKS; MIM 249000) and Mulibrey Nanism [MUL (muscle–liver–brain–eye Nanism); MIM 253250] that are enriched in the Finnish population, to overlapping genomic regions on chromosome 17q. Now, we report the construction of a bacterial clone contig over the critical region for both disorders. Several novel CA-repeat markers were isolated from these clones, which allowed refined mapping of the MKS and MUL loci
more » ... g haplotype and linkage disequilibrium analysis. The localization of the MKS locus was narrowed to <1 cM between markers D17S1290 and 132-CA, within an ∼800-kb region. The MUL locus was refined into an ∼1400-kb interval between markers D17S1290 and 52-CA. The whole MKS region falls within the MUL region. In the common critical region, the conserved haplotypes were different in MKS and MUL patients. A trancript map was constructed by assigning expressed sequence tags (ESTs) and genes, derived from the human gene map, to the bacterial clone contig. Altogether, four genes and a total of 20 ESTs were precisely localized. These data provide the molecular tools for the final identification of the MKS and the MUL genes.[The sequence data described in this paper have been submitted to the GenBank data library under accession nos. G42608–G42611,G42376–G42388, and G42200–G42250. The online supplement for primer sequences and PCR product sizes, as well as the STS-content table, are available at http://www.cshl.org/gr.]
doi:10.1101/gr.9.3.267 fatcat:pee663waazchbcu2lc3synj76y