Formation of Social Experience of Pupils at General School by Means of Informational and Communicative Technologies

Tetiana Atroshenko
2017 Ukrainian Journal of Educational Studies and Information Technology  
The rapid rates of informatization of society lead to the changes of social environment and principles of human cohabitation in it. It causes insolvency of child to the adequate assimilation of social experience. An orientation of child in modern media space will be possible, if a teacher would become her by a reliable «leader» due to a capture by facilities of informational and communicative technologies by him. The aim of the article is to analyse the features of formation of social
more » ... of pupils at general school by means of informational and communicative technologies. The role of a teacher is determinant in the processes of formation of thinking, values, skills of social interaction, education of moral qualities of pupils. He appears as a generator and origin of ideas that use the other subject of the pedagogical process – a pupil. However, the teacher needs to realize the need to involve pupils to the formation of the social experience not only human, but also information resources. He should understand that he will be able to streamline the media space's influence on a child only when he enters himself to this space and directs the activity of the child in it. The teacher of educational institution should develop the following basic abilities to use ICT as the ability to search certain information, to process and elucidate it to pupils; the ability to use technical means to provide information for pupils; the ability to distinguish objective and reliable data from subjective, false; the ability to communicate using ICT; the ability to use the Internet to attract pupils to socially useful activities, etc. The outlined features of the work of a teacher with adolescents in the informational environment made it possible to determine the conditions for the formation of social experience of pupils at general school by means of ICT: use of multimedia accompaniment during educational events, holidays, trainings; emotional saturation of the material provided to pupils, creating a positive emotional background; orientation to independent activity, that is, organization of relations in the information environment in such a way that the adolescents could comprehend his social growth and self-improvement; direction of information influence on the enrichment of positive personality traits; creation the problem situations that will help to accumulate, process and consolidate social experience; taking into account and correcting spontaneously gained in the media space of social experience; conscious involvement of pupils in the system of social relations through the use of electronic social networks; helping pupils to orientation in social networks for learning and socialization; organization of positive interaction of the school team, cooperation between representatives of different classes; informational and methodological support of the educational process; prevent the emergence of stressful situations in the media space through the development of rational and critical thinking.
doi:10.32919/uesit.2017.03.09 fatcat:ussysxzkpzgfvikx66b55ans5e