1979 Science  
The Pico-Lite determines adenosine triphosphate concentration by measuring chemiluminescence or bioluminescence. The device uses the luciferin-luciferase firefly system under control of a microprocessor. The detector system stores up to six samples. It operates above or below ambient temperature. A thermal printer and seven measurement programs are included and luminescence re--agents and extracting media are available. Packard Instrument. Circle 766. Programmable Dispensing Pump Model DP-200
more » ... Pump Model DP-200 features an optoelectronic system that counts and controls the pump revolutions in small increments with a special circuit. A digital control is used to set calibration factor and volume and the settings are stored. Flow rates from 0.2 to 13 milliliters per second may be obtained. Volumes up to
doi:10.1126/science.205.4404.426 pmid:17790857 fatcat:ngvoklm5svelvdj3cimwqphgoq