Influence of NaCl on the polymerization of vinyl monomers by the suspension process

Erika Montero, David Contreras-López, Rosalba Fuentes, María Del Rosario Galindo
2019 ECORFAN journal Bolivia  
The production of artificial polymers is, today, one of themost important activities of the chemical industry, polymersare widely used in everyday life, as, there are different types of polymers, they can be used for different uses. These polymeric materials have unique mechanical, physical and chemical properties, which most other materials do not possess, not to mention that its cost is lower than the other materials. The present research work focuses on the determination of optimal operating
more » ... conditions for the polymerization of styrene and methyl methacrylate in a Batch reactor, as well as the influence of inorganic salt in this case NaCl in the performance of reaction and in the size of the material polymer, through the process of suspension using a synthetic route of polymerization by radical free conventional (FRP), where viscometry to the polymeric material testing was performed for this way characterize it, and to determine factors of interest such as the molecular weight, etc.
doi:10.35429/ejb.2019. fatcat:7ipk6fa5ujbhtdljxhvthrkyyi