Multi-station basis for Polar Cap (PC) indices: ensuring credibility and operational reliability

Peter Stauning
2018 Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate  
The Polar Cap (PC) indices, PCN (North) and PCS (South) are based on polar geomagnetic observations from Qaanaaq (Thule) and Vostok, respectively, processed to measure the transpolar plasma convection that may seriously affect space weather conditions. To establish reliable space weather forecasts based on PC indices, and also to ensure credibility of their use for scientific analyses of solar windmagnetosphere interactions, additional sources of data for the PC indices are investigated. In the
more » ... nvestigated. In the search for alternative index sources, objective quality criteria are established here to be used for the selection among potential candidates. These criteria are applied to existing PC index series to establish a quality scale.
doi:10.1051/swsc/2017036 fatcat:eczcaqkn7vc6rczqzql3pgvemq