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Ayşe Nur, Tekin Tayfun, Adem Korkmaz, Öz
2016 unpublished
The purpose of this study is to explain the sub-dimensions leading to unemployment anxiety, determining whether students experience unemployment anxiety or not. Advers psychological effects of unemployment anxiety, such as signs of stress, depression, temporary-permanant anxiety and possible relation between these psychological effects and sub-dimensions leading to unemployment anxiety are evaluated. The research is 246 woman, 195 man is applied 441 fourth grade undergraduates studying Anxiety
more » ... s studying Anxiety Scale based on voluntariness, answers are entered in SPSS and essential analyzes are performed in the light of the answers. For comparing the difference between the two group, t-test is used, in the case of more than two groups one way anova test is used and Tukey Post Hoc is used for retaining the group that causes the difference. As a of factor analysis that haz been done, the subdimensions that cause unemployment anxiety level are found as "the results of narrowing in unemployment and decreasing in labour requirement", "environmental and social pressure", "personel pessimism and lack of self confidence", "the lack of qualititive knowledge and skill" and "general unemployment anxiety". Accoerding to findings, university students have unemployment anxiety.there is a negative relation between unemployment anxiety level and temporary anxiety level while there is a positive ralation between unemployment anxiety level and permanent anxiety level, stres symptoms, depression.