Mineral resource potential map of the Pleasant View Roadless Area, Los Angeles County, California [report]

1983 unpublished
A mineral resource survey of the Pleasant View Roadless Area included geologic mapping, a geochemical survey of rocks and stream sediments, and a study of mines, prospects, and mineralized areas. There are no known mineral deposits and there is no evidence of past mineral production from the study area. Although gold has been produced 2 mi southeast of the study area and minor amounts of gold were detected in samples of vein quartz from one prospect in the study area, gold was not detected by
more » ... s not detected by the geochemical survey of stream sediments. This limited evidence suggests that the entire study area has low potential for gold resources. Stream-sediment samples slightly enriched in tungsten and containing grains of the tungsten mineral scheelite cluster in an 8.5-mi zone at the east end of the study area. However, evidence of tungsten mineralization was not observed in the crystalline rocks exposed within this zone. Judging from the small amounts of tungsten detected in the stream sediments, from the lack of historical tungsten mining or other conclusive evidence of tungsten mineralization in the study area, and from the limited scale of tungsten mineralization in neighboring areas, any bedrock or placer concentrations of tungsten that may be present in the study area probably are small and (or) low grade. Thus, there is low to moderate potential for tungsten resources within the designated 8.5-mi zone at the east end of the study area. Evidence of resource potential was not observed for any mineral other than gold and tungsten.
doi:10.3133/mf1649a fatcat:kkkfam6qrrg25edtgpu56dwom4