Detection of Hα Emission on High Velocity 21 CM Clouds [chapter]

Guido Münch, Eckhart Pitz
1990 The Galactic and Extragalactic Background Radiation  
The measurement of H a emission on two high galactic latitude clouds known to emit 21 cm lines with local standard of rest (LSR) velocities of -50 and -85 km s -1 is reported. The H a lines have been found nearly at the velocities of the 21 cm features and have emission rates of 0.2 Rayleigh. The diffuse Lyman continuum intensity required to produce HI ionization at the measured rate is in agreement with the direct measurements made with the ultraviolet (UV) spectrometer of the Voyager 2
more » ... he Voyager 2 spacecraft. , 193-198. 193 S. Bowyer and C. Leinert (eds.), The Galactic and Extragalactic Background Radiation
doi:10.1007/978-94-009-0653-2_25 fatcat:o5a6fagupngn7imkzifaf5663y