The gene TaCB1 overcomes genotype dependency in wheat genetic transformation [post]

Wang Ke, Lei Shi, Xiaona Liang, Pei Zhao, Wanxin Wang, Junxian Liu, Yanan Chang, Yukoh Hiei, Chizu Yanagihara, Pu Du, Yuji Ishida, Ye Guo
2021 unpublished
Genotype dependency is the most important factor in wheat genetic transformation, which further limits wheat improvement by transgenic integration and genome editing approaches. The application of regeneration related genes during in vitro culture could potentially contribute to enhancement of plant transformation efficiency. In the present study, a wheat gene TaCB1 in the WUSCHEL family was identified to dramatically increase the transformation efficiencies of many wheat varieties without
more » ... ieties without genotype dependency after its over-expression. The expression of TaCB1 in wheat calli did not prohibit shoot differentiation and root development. The application of TaCB1 can lighten the requirement to wheat immature embryo for plant regeneration. Transgenic wheat plants can be clearly recognized by the visible phenotype of wide flag leaves. The promise function of TaCB1 on improving transformation efficiency was also tested in T. monococcum, triticale, rye, barley, and maize.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:prvexcfkyvcvtoa5au2oafzqva