Networking and Security Issues

محمد الهادی
2013 مجلة الجمعیة المصریة لنظم المعلومات وتکنولوجیا الحاسبات  
Many organizations have invested vast amount of money in computer networks, only to find out that although it is providing means of improving the efficiency and productivity of the organization but it also exposes the Organization to possible attacks and threats. Such attacks have been the most challenging issue for most network administrators and a worrying topic for administrators. Organizations need to share services resources and information but they still need to protect these from people
more » ... ho should not have access to them, while at the same time making those resources available to authorized users. Effective security achieves these goals. The greatest threat to computer systems and their information comes from humans, through actions that are either malicious or ignorant. When the action is malicious, some motivation or goal is generally behind the attack. For instance, the goal could be to disrupt normal business operations, thereby denying data availability and production.
doi:10.21608/jstc.2013.119825 fatcat:n2mzxdvxx5fvbnls62ih37hjwu