Vladimir Tushavin, Elena Semenova, Maria Smirnova, Elena Frolova
2015 unpublished
The article offers the approach based on creation of randomized quality assessments with the use of stochastic domination methods intended for the quality management in information and communication technologies. It considers the existing approaches to convolution of the quality indicators with the use of Kolmogorov mean (Quasi-arithmetic mean), shows an advantage of the randomization of scales to the solution of various qualimetric tasks. It offers the qualimetric scale of the quality
more » ... t of support agents' work. It considers the modernization of the existing approach based on discrete models of probabilities distribution on integer lattices in relation to the studied objects in information and communication technologies. It shows an advantage of use these methods and gives recommendations to its application for calculation of coefficients of linear verification as the average from randomized coefficients taking into account the set limitations. Comparison of the quality indicators is made on the basis of a domination matrix with the corresponding orgraph creation. It offers the algorithm of casual scales generation on the truncated polytope on the basis of the Dirichlet distribution possessing the linear complexity. It considers the practical examples of the described methods application for comparison of quantitative characteristics of the work quality of support staff. The methodical approaches described in the article are useful for comparison of the objects quality in the conditions of uncertainty.