The Evaluations of Fish Survival Rate and Fish Movements using the Tagging Monitoring Approach of Passive Integrated Transponders (PIT)
수동형 전자발신장치(Passive Integrated Transponder, PIT) 모니터링 기법 적용에 따른 어종별 생존율 평가 및 어도에서 어류이동성 평가

Ji-Woong Choi, Kwang-Guk An
2014 Journal of Environmental Science International  
The objective of this study was to evaluate survival rate and fish movement (migration) using a tagging approach of passive integrated transponder (PIT) in Juksan Weir, which was constructed as a four major river restoration projects. For this study, survival rates of each fish species and the mobility of fish individuals were analyzed during 2 weeks by the insertion of PIT tags to various fish species in the laboratory. According to tagging tests in the laboratory, the survival rate 37.5% (30
more » ... urvivals of 80 individuals) after the insertion of PIT tags. The survival rate of Carassius auratus and Hemibarbus labeo was 100% and 80% after the insertion of the tags, respectively, whereas it was only 13.3% for Zacco platypus. In the field experiments of Juksan Weir, 6 species and 157 individuals from 8 species (563 individuals) were detected in the fixed automatic data-logging system, indicating a detection rate of 27.9% in the fishway of Juksan Weir. In the meantime, some species with no or low detection rates in the fixed automatic data-logging system were turn out to be stagnant-type species, which prefer stagnant or standing water to live.
doi:10.5322/jesi.2014.23.8.1495 fatcat:yxhy3p73s5ggxej466q24sk3gy