Active Contrastive Set Mining for Robust Audio-Visual Instance Discrimination

Hanyu Xuan, Yihong Xu, Shuo Chen, Zhiliang Wu, Jian Yang, Yan Yan, Xavier Alameda-Pineda
2022 Proceedings of the Thirty-First International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence   unpublished
The recent success of audio-visual representation learning can be largely attributed to their pervasive property of audio-visual synchronization, which can be used as self-annotated supervision. As a state-of-the-art solution, Audio-Visual Instance Discrimination (AVID) extends instance discrimination to the audio-visual realm. Existing AVID methods construct the contrastive set by random sampling based on the assumption that the audio and visual clips from all other videos are not semantically
more » ... related. We argue that this assumption is rough, since the resulting contrastive sets have a large number of faulty negatives. In this paper, we overcome this limitation by proposing a novel Active Contrastive Set Mining (ACSM) that aims to mine the contrastive sets with informative and diverse negatives for robust AVID. Moreover, we also integrate a semantically-aware hard-sample mining strategy into our ACSM. The proposed ACSM is implemented into two most recent state-of-the-art AVID methods and significantly improves their performance. Extensive experiments conducted on both action and sound recognition on multiple datasets show the remarkably improved performance of our method.
doi:10.24963/ijcai.2022/503 fatcat:bn576f5jwfderdwudte42tskva