Computationally efficient, experimentally validated adsorption chiller model using a plug-flow-based modelling approach

Andrej Gibelhaus, Patrik Postweiler, Jan Michael Seiler, André Bardow
State-of-the-art models of adsorption chillers suffer from a trade-off between accuracy and computational efficiency due to the discretization of the heat exchangers. To resolve this trade-off, we present a novel plug-flowbased adsorption chiller model, which is able to accurately represent the flow of the heat transfer fluid in the heat exchangers without the issue of discretization. The results show that the plug-flow based adsorption chiller model achieves the same accuracy as a highly
more » ... tized finite-volume-based model, but reduces the simulation time by up to 70 %.
doi:10.18154/rwth-2020-09552 fatcat:ktl3sj5usfcdhcvq34v5x3umzi